Gurudev Bareth In KBC Season 14

There was a great deal of excitement during the opening segment of Kaun Banega Crorepati’s Friday episode. Gurudev Bareth, of Chhattisgarh, is a teacher by profession, but he is also extremely interested in Amitabh Bachchan’s films. 

In the Bharat show, Gurudev Bareth impressed Big B with his knowledge and words. At the end of the show, Gurudev took home Rs.6 lakh 40 thousand as the winner. 

In addition to winning 12 lakh 50 thousand rupees, he could have given a wrong answer which would have cost him 12 lakh 50 thousand rupees.

The fastest finger first game was chosen by Kavesh Kumar of Agra after Gurudev India. Though Kavesh began the game well, he ended up losing all the money he had won by giving wrong answers. Even though Kamesh Kumar made it to the second round, he won just 10 thousand rupees.

Gurudev Bareth In KBC Season 14 Fastest finger

Gurudev Bareth In KBC Season 14
Gurudev Bareth In KBC Season 14

Which of these is a type of software that protects your computer from malicious programs?

A: Antibacteria

B: Antivirus

C: Antifungal

D: Antimonera

The answer is B: Antivirus

Fastest finger Leader Board: 

Kaushal Bharat Thaker1.24
Kumar Guarav1.39
Gurudev Bareth1.75
Kamesh Kumar Singh1.81
Rachana Sinha2.07
Deepika Gupta2.15
Pravin Sontakke2.60
Abhaya Kumar2.93
Sonaina Jaiswal2.94
Gurudev Bareth In KBC Season 14

With Respect to saving money, what does PPF stand for?

A: Public Provident Fund

B: Permanent Provident Fund

C: Protected Provident Fund

D: Partner Provident Fund

The answer is A: Public Provident Fund

Fastest Finger Leader Board

Kaushal Bharat Thaker2.98
Kamesh Kumar Singh3.29
Kumar Gurav3.80
Rachana Sinha3.80
Gurdev Bareth4.84
Deepika Gupta6.69
Pravin sontakke6.74
Abhaya Kumar2.93
Sunaina Jaiswal2.94
Gurudev Bareth In KBC Season 14

Which of these states became a part of India in 1975?

A: Goa

B: Assam

C: Odisha

D: Sikkim

The Answer is D: Sikkim

Fastest Finger Leader Board

Gurudev Bareth6.78
Kaushal Bharat Thaker7.24
Rachana Sinha7.84
Kumar Gaurav9.26
Deepika Gupta11.81
Kamesh Kumar Singh3.29
Pravin Sontakke6.74
Abhaya Kumar6.99
Sunaina Jaiswal9.00
Gurudev Bareth In KBC Season 14

The hot seat will go to Gurudev Bareth

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