How To Prepare For KBC?

Are you curious about the KBC? If you’re thinking about taking part in it, you will want to know how to prepare for KBC?. Read this article and find out about the best way to prepare for KBC.

Before I go any further, I want to preface this article with a small caveat. As you can see in this post, the steps involved in getting to the hot seat are all described in detail. We are looking to discuss as many details as possible so that I can provide clear answers to as many inquiries about the process as we can. This will include efforts to highlight the steps I took to achieve the hot seat as objectively as possible as I got to it. 

I would like to remind everyone that the show was shot in 2020 under unusual circumstances, so much of what they did is probably different from what they usually do. For a candidate to apply, they either have to go to a website or use an application to register (sony liv).

How To Prepare For KBC?
How To Prepare For KBC?

After you have registered, call the number you were given. There will be a few questions asked by a KBC member, and a winner will then be selected. The number sometimes rings out due to the large number of calls coming in from all over India.

Why KBC’s global share is falling?

KBC global stock is in a downtrend based on short-term technical analysis, so people do not buy or hold this stock. Currently, you may want to consider selling or shorting KBC Global (KBCGlobal). The supply of the stock is on the decline and could become even worse. A big move has just been made by KBC Global. 

There is a consensus that Kbc Global stock is trading below its essential moving average line, and has been trading below the line for quite some time now. There is no reason to be optimistic.

There is a possibility that the store may continue to decline and it may even go lower. I am worried about the outlook of the KBC global stock, even though my short-term analysis is negative, the stock is currently in an oversold region, and tomorrow there is a good chance that it will rebound.

How To apply for KBC?
How To Prepare For KBC?

How To apply for KBC?

This week, Sony TV began accepting applications for the upcoming seasons of the Kids’ Choice Awards. This May, the most popular game show on Indian television, KBC, will reunite Amitabh Bachchan in front of the camera.

You can sign up to watch KBC season 13 by sending an SMS or using the SonyLiv App. There will be a question asked every night by the host. You will need to send an SMS or use SonyLIV’s mobile app to answer these questions correctly to sign up for the service.

Step: 1

Android and iOS users can download the SonyLIV app for free. 

Step: 2

It is not necessary to be a subscriber to participate in KBC play along, but a subscriber will be rewarded with more prizes and other benefits.

Step: 3

You must use the “KBC play along” link on the home page. You may need to sign up for the SonyLIV app and keep the information on your profile accurate. You can choose between English and Hindi from the language drop-down menu.

Step: 4

The main requirement for participation is that you must be a citizen of India and must be at least 18 years of age. Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with the rules and terms of the game before participating.

Step: 5

If you are watching the television, the questions are shown on the screen of your phone. The amount of time you will have to select the correct answer will be up to you, just like on television.

Step: 6

You will not be able to submit your answer on time if you do not submit it by the deadline.

Step: 7

Each correct answer will result in points being awarded.

Step: 8

There is no way to leave a KBC play-along without being kicked out of it. Even if you give the wrong answer, you can still participate in the game. 

Step: 9

In the case of the people playing along with ply along, there is only one way out. There will be some digital tasks that need to be done by non-subscribers to be provided with a lifeline. A lifeline will be available whenever it is needed by subscribers. 

Step: 10

In addition, you can also win 500 points this season if you correctly answer the fastest finger first question (FFF)

Step: 11

As a bonus, there is a “play-along team,” allowing you to assemble a team with friends and family. Three to ten people can be on a team. The team with the most points can win up to Rs 1 lakh.

Step: 12

The “Lakhpati” prize can only be won by SonyLIV subscribers. Subscribers who do not subscribe can win up to Rs. 1,00,000. As well as mobile phones, tablets, TVs, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, power banks, and gift cards, they can also win laptops and TVs.

Step: 13

A nice new car will also be up for grabs this season for the top scorer on the KBC.

Step: 14

The show’s host, Amitabh Bachchan, will also join 20 lucky winners on a Zoom call.

Step: 15

In addition, the contestants will participate in the main show of kon banega carorpati 12 that will be broadcast on NBC. Contestants are expected to appear during the last episode of the game show.

How can we prepare yourself for KBC?

How To Prepare For KBC?
How To Prepare For KBC?
  • Names of writers and books.
  • Indian idioms
  • Names of food dishes
  • All the characters in Mahabharta and Ramayana.
  • Records in sports
  • India’s most popular festival 
  • Information about Indian cinema
  • Aktuelles nationales und internationales
  • Famous Indians from ancient, medieval, and modern times 
  • Numeracy in general
  • Finance

Additional TIp:- Play general knowledge games and make a habit to read newspapers, not only directly related to KBC but also in a general sense.

What are the best books for the preparation of KBC?

Listed below are a few books with the purpose of helping you. These are not specific books to be read, but check these out anyway:-

  • General Knowledge:- Manohar Pandey(This book has 6 sections which were divided into History, Geography, Politics, EconomyGeneral Science, and General Knowledge).
  • Manorama
  • Lucent
  • Economic survey
  • Arihant expert 
  • Disha experts
  • General study
  • Install GK 
  • Read Newspapers and listen radio
  • Play Quiz
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